Virus Infected | Corrupted O.S.

Computer Owner: DILG
Unit: Full Tower ATX
Computer Description: Intel ® D850MV Chipset
Processor: Intel ® Pentium 4
RAM: 128 Mb (SDRAM)
Operating System: Windows SP 2


Mr. Ronald Suan 09269514596
Mr. Wilson Balbuena 09265150058


>”Re-install a copy of the above file (Window root) system32\hall.dll” error report occurs upon bootstrapping.

Troubleshooting Proper:

>Re-installing Operating System (Windows Xp SP 2) without formatting the drives.

>Backup important files (word, excel, power point and other important documents, pictures, video, and others) and save it in a pen drive or other removable external media.

>Re-installing of OS (Windows XP SP 2) and formatting the drives as well as creating of disk partitions {C: and D: where the OS was installed in drive D}

>Applying disk defragmentation for both drives.

>Adding virtual memory and setting up a restoration point.

>Installing of system drivers (audio, video and LAN drivers, printer, Ethernet controllers, etc..)

>Installing of application programs and windows utilities (Windows Office 2003 and 2007, winamp, k-lite codec pack, gom player, adobe reader and others).

>Scanning the flashdrive that contains the backup files in other computer with updated and strong virus removal.

>Copying the backup files back to the freshly installed OS computer.

Trouble(s) Found / Computer Defect:

>OS Corrupted

>Infected with computer viruses namely; Trojan and Worm Agents {found during scanning of the flashdrive for virus removal}


>Re-installation of OS (Windows XP SP 2) and formatting the drives.


>The computer was infected with viruses, namely Trojan and Worm Agents which causes the corruption of the Operating System. This is the main reason why the computer cannot boot up properly. In order to solve this problem, re-installation of the operating system without formatting was done in order to have a fresh copy of the operating system file and the virus to temporarily be inactive so we can backup. After the backup process, we re-installed the OS with formatting and now, the computer is functioning well and ready for operation.

Keywords : Virus Infected Corrupted O.S. (Operating System)

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