Computer Freezes, then Restarts

Owner: Vicon Jake
Address: Villa Rosa Subd., Sibulan, Negros Oriental

Motherboard: P5PE - VM
Processor: INTEL Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz S. 775
Memory: 256 Mb
Operating System: Win XP Sp2
Internet Connection:
Globe broad band

Technicians : Rogin Diez Jason Diputado


- File backup (pdf, word, excel, pictures and mp3's)
- antivirus installation


- Computer Stalls upon win xp boot screen
- CPU temperature soars high from 128 C to 170 C on the BIOS hardware monitor tab. Then system shuts down.


- Since the CPU temperature is so high, we removed the cpu fan and heatsink assembly. Cleaned the contact surfaces with a clean paper to remove the dried out thermal paste.

- We then applied a pea-sized amount of thermal paste on the center of the conducting surface of the cpu and half of a pea-size for the heatsink and spread it equally across its surface.

- Install back the fan-heatsink assembly on the processor / socket.Upon turning it on, we checked on the hardware monitor of the BIOS and found the cpu temperature reading wa less then 56 C.

- And upon booting up to load the Operating System, the system stalls but no longer shuts down.

- The easiest way to backup the files is to re-install the operating system without formatting.

- After installing a new O.S. and successfully booted, we proceeded with the file backup.

- And also, we downloaded the appropriate system drivers for P5PE - VM (the installation cd was lost) motherboard from an internet face just within the subdivision.

- Re-installation with formatting was then made after the file backup and the drive was then partitioned in four (C: D: E: F:). Appropriate drivers were then loaded, ms office '07, USB Safely Remove, Tera Copy, and WinRAR were installed respectively.

- Defragmentation was followed using the SmartDefrag program then RegCure was installed to defrag the registry.

- Virtual memory was also increased on all drives.

- We finally downloaded AVIRA anti virus from the internet from Vicon's computer and internet connection.


- No hardware found seriously defective but only a over-heating cpu and a virus infected hard disk drive (HDD) that needs a backup.

CPU over-heating may cause system halting, freezing, or constant restart or unexpected shutdowns. A thermal paste is enough to patch up that problem.

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