No Display | 1 Beep Sound | Monitor Pilot Lamp Steady Green

Owner: City Periculture Office of Dumaguete
Address: Dumaguete City

Motherboard : ASUS P4PG - MX
Processor : Intel P4
Memory : 512 Mb
Operating System : Win XP Sp2

Technician: Rogin Diez


- A beep on boot-up
- No Display
- Display Monitor pilot lamp is at steady green.


- Peripheral connection / failure
- Video Card


- Unplug the system unit from the AVR
- Drain off any ESD (Electro-static discharge) by holding the system chassis for a minute

- We unscrewed and remove the left side cover of the system unit. Turn the side down with the open side facing up.

- Removed the peripherals ( HDD, CD - ROM, Sound Card, and the WLAN Card) Thus leaving just the ram and video card intact.

- Turned on the system unit, we then observed the system now beeped once indicating that the system is ok. CRT Pilot lamp flashes a steady green light and having no display.

- We turned off the system then unplugged, we removed the video card and depended on the VGA port instead. And upon turning it on, still 1 beep, a steady green light on the CRT, and NO VIDEO DISPLAY.

- We checkedif the RAM is defective, cleaned its connector edges and transferred it to another slot. And then again, 1 beep, steady green light, and no display. RAM and the slots should be ok.

- The CPU was then reseated and applied with a thermal paste on its heatsink contact surface. The heatsink will increase or fill the micron gaps between the cpu and the heatsink.

- But when the system was turned on again, the result were stiull the same. A beep on boot up, green steady light on the CRT, and NO DISPLAY. The CRT must be defective.

- We borrowed another CRT and connected it to the system unit we were fixing and as it was turned on, there was a display. The CRT is found to be defective.

- The removed peripherals were then installed back and upon turning on the system using the good CRT. Everything is just OK.


- Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

In checking display problems, stick to checking the display peripherals rather than jumping from one that is non-relative to the probable cause of the display problem.

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