NTLDR Missing NEC LL550 / G

Date Fixed : 05.04.10

Owner: Ms. Jamora
Unit: NEC LL550 / G Laptop
Operating System : Win XP SP 3

Technician: Drokz


Upon Boot Up, NTLDR Missing Error appears


File Backup and if possible just to fix the NTLDR problem and retain the settings.


Support CD is lost

Upon checking the drivers on an NEC site, the site redirects to 121ware.com and it is a Japanese site. Since I can't find the drivers for the NEC LL550 / G Laptop at 121ware.com


Upon turning on the system, it just displays "NTLDR Missing".

Going to Safe Mode ( Pressing f8 on startup ) on startup doesn't help either. "NTLDR Missing" Error still appears.


- Fixing NTLDR Missing error can simply be corrected using some 3rd party programs. But in some cases, it might not work. I have known 2 programs that can fix this problem, one if Spotmau and the other is ERD Commander. So I first used Spotmau to try do the trick.

- I loaded in the Spotmau boot cd and waited until the Spotmau environment appeared. And on the Spotmau console, the was an option to fix the system. I opt to roll back the good state of the Operating System but it failed. So I decided to use ERD Commander.

- Upon booting up using the ERD Commander, I tried an option to fix the system. And after awhile upon finishing the fix, the system was booted up on Hard Drive ( cd was removed ) and still the NTLDR Missing Error Still persists. So I finally decided to replace the NTLDR Files using the Win XP Installer.

- To fix the NTLDR files, the files should be replaced. In order to replace or fix the NTLDR files, we need to load in our Win XP SP2 and boot it up ( restart the system )

- You should see after awhile some options to what you should be doing in the set up. Now, I chose "Repair". A minute after, you should be prompted to choose the OS and to supply the administrator password for that installed Operating System. Then, the command line now appears. In the command line, type in "copy e:\i386\ntldr c:" then afterwards copy another file and type in "copy e:\i386\ntdetect.com c:" ( please do not include the quotation and e: should be replaced by the drive letter of your cd rom drive or dvd rom drive ). Please remember that wherever you installed your Operating system ( aside from the default partition which is c: ), copy the ntdetect.com and ntldr files to drive c:. :-) I tried copying the files to drive d: where I installed the Operating System and it DIDN't WORKED.

- After copying ntdetect.com and ntldr from the I386 folder of the XP Installer and booted up the system, everything went running well and the NTLDR Missing problem now resolved.


- Using Spotmau or ERD Commander does not always guarantee to fix NTLDR Missing problems. Sometimes, we need to manually do it by copying the ntdetect.com and NTLDR files from the I386 folder of the Win Xp Installer. This can only be achieved in the "Repair" mode of the Win XP Setup environment using command the command line.

- Somehow using Spotmau or ERD Commander makes your job quicker and there are a lot more options to do only Spotmau and ERD Commander can do like System Rollback, File Backup, Driver Backup, and many many other useful tools to play with. :-) You can also try and purchase this guidebook through Amazon to do disk defragmentation, file and system recovery, administrative tasks, and using third party programs effectively.

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