Installing and Using Virtual Computer - Virtual Box

What Is A Virtual Machine?

A virtual machine or VM is a program (an operating system) that runs other programs within itself virtually. It is compared to as like having a physical computer within a computer. With the use of a virtual machine, we are able to run software or programs to test without risking the main operating system or host operating system. In this setup, a computer with an XP operating system can be installed with a virtual machine software like Microsoft Virtual Machine, Virtual PC, VMware, or Virtual Box, and when deployed it can be installed with any other operating systems like Linux and the other Window's Operating systems. You can then run different programs like you normally do with your computer.

The current setup of my computer is having a host operating system of Windows XP SP2 installed with Sun Microsystem's Virtual Box (which is free) and I had Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.10 installed in it. So whenever I feel like using Ubuntu, I just open Virtual Box and run Ubuntu in it. You can have this setup too! It is so easy to install and we are providing some steps here on how to install Virtual Box in your computer.

Here's How Virtual Box Can Be So Useful

How To Install A Virtual Machine - Virtual Box

1. Download Virtual Box.

2. Unzip and run the installer, just follow the wizard and click next if your unsure what to do. The installation should be fine by clicking next even without reading its contents and warnings because the default locations and settings may not be changed at all.

3. Restart your computer.

This is how simple to install a virtual machine like Virtual Box. You also use other VM software like VMware or Microsoft Virtual Machine. The best thing with having a virtual machine is that you can easily remove the guest operating system with a click of a button. It also allows us to mount our flash drive, DVD ROM, or even connect to the internet - just like you normally with any computer! Having multiple operating system is really cool and the solution to that is having a virtual machine installed in your computer.

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