Best Value for Buying Computers in Visayas and Mindanao

We always look for the best value when buying a computer right? It came yesterday that we needed to ride a fast-craft for about thirty minutes and traveled on a bus for more than four hours just to reach the city of Cebu. Why do we need to go to this place when back home we had several computer parts and unit resellers with the utmost comfort of time purchasing. I'll let you know why am I convinced that the time and energy we spent yesterday going to Cebu was well compensated.

Buying computers may be a hassle to people who are always on the go and there seem to be no time to spend scouring for stores with cheaper prices. Cebu is the answer, just around SM Mall. The prices of the computer stores varies a lot. In one store, the AMD Sempron processor costs Php 1,650.00 and in other stores it costs around Php 1,800.00 to Php 2,350.00. As compared to the stores outside of Cebu like Dumaguete, it should be possible that the price range is Php 2,400 and up high!

As we did canvass computer parts and peripherals in Cebu, the whole unit including the LED screen (14.5"), keyboard, mouse, and avr will just cost us around Php 12,000.00. If computer stores like in Dumaguete, the whole set should cost us at least Php 18,000.00 and the stores' markup is way too high than the SRP in Cebu. But if you are to purchase a single unit, it may be practical (practical??) to spend a "little" higher price in purchasing to local stores than in Cebu considering the time to travel (back and forth) and it is indeed tiresome (allowing the local computer stores to "rob" you at least Php 4,000.00 per unit).

Other peripherals are priced as follows: 2 GB DDR III Kingston RAM costs just Php 880.00, Philips LED Screen 14.5" costs Php 3,400.00, Samsung DVD writers are priced at Php 950.00, Keyboard + Mouse is at Php 350.00, Seagate 500 GB SATA HDD costs Php 1,900.00, ATX Casing starts at Php 900.00 and a lot more! As I have said earlier, you can save at least Php 4,000.00 PER UNIT.

Here are the stores that worth visiting to :

  • PCEXpress (2nd Level SM City Mall)

  • TechHead (2nd Level SM City Mall)

  • PC Quick Buys (2nd Level SM City Mall)

  • CBX Main (J. De Veyra St., North Reclamation Area)

  • Gaisano Interpace

Don't miss to visit these computer stores! We are not affiliated with the stores mentioned and we no less advertise them but we are posting this to help PC buyers like to to get the best value for your money. I as a computer technician get at least Php 3,000.00 (from the discounts and low prices) when somebody asks me to assemble a computer for them.

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