Computer Hardware Technicians' Favorite Tools and Utilities

Looking for some great computer hardware technician's tools and utilities? You came to the right place! Fixing computers requires you to have adequate tools and equipment. That includes primarily your screwdrivers, swap peripherals, test data cables, and installers. However in this section, we will be focusing on the different utility installers or computer technicians call it as "tools".

We do not vouch or sell the said products listed here but we as technicians, find these free and commercial products and brands favored by their performance. Again, we do not promote any of the softwares to be discussed of but rather give an honest opinion on which is right to use.

As a computer technician for almost seven years, I and my computer technician friends found some utilities that are really helpful for every learner out there and that includes you. The products and brands that will be mentioned have nothing to do with marketing or anything. We also encourage that you should use legitimate or licensed products and we hate piracy as much as you do.

If you are a student and wanting to pass computer hardware servicing nc ii, then it is a must to have the tools and utilities. By the way, we have tips on how to pass computer hardware servicing exam NC II in one of our articles.

So here are the most useful products that we feel you must have in your backseat :

1. Driver Packs - Driver packs or Driver Package is a collection of different drivers all "packed" in a single installer (CD or DVD) for easy device driver solution. The drivers included will range from chipsets, video or graphics, sound, modem, ethernet, printer, and much more. The best thing with having drivers packs is that it is handy and greatly reduces the number of cd or dvd installers that you will be bringing when doing onsite troubleshooting.

There are a number of driver packs to download out there but I suggest you to scan it first with an online virus and malware detection website like at virus total. You might as well have your own massive collection of drivers so that you can assure it is virus free. Here are some of the driver packs that we currently use.

Cobra Driver Pack 2011
10,000 Drivers

2. Hiren's Bootable CD/ - This is a collection of freeware and shareware. This is a must for every computer hardware servicing technician. It also includes Mini Xp and Mini Linux where you can choose which of the said operating systems you wish to boot. Other utilities included in Hiren's bootable cd are for data recovery, partition recovery, windows password remover, driver backup softwares, xp and win 7 restoration, disk wiping software, and many other useful utilities.

The best thing with Hiren's is that it can be used both as a boot utility cd and a Windows utility cd too! I have been using Hiren's for quite some time now and I actually have 3 versions of the cd since its first release.

3. BackTrack - This is a very powerful Linux Based (though there are versions working for windows platform) penetration testing tool. Perfect for testing a system's security like sniffing and cracking. This tool is intended for pentest only and not to be used for wifi password hijacking as many do use this tool for evil intentions. Security enthusiasts and professional finds this list to be on top.

4. ERD Commander - A systernal tools specifically tailored for Windows platform. File system rescue and Operating system recovery are some of the features of ERD Commander.

3. Spotmau - A bootable cd used as Windows platform utility. This feature rich bootable cd is perfect for recovering XP and Vista.

4. BartPE - Considered to be one of the oldest and legit boot cd distribution. This has been my favorite for quite a while. BartPE is versatile where you can personally add up some more features or utilities. It is free to download too.

5. UBCD - One of the original boot cd readily available for free. Its collection of utilities are regarded to be one of the best.

The above mentioned tools and utilities are indispensable and essential to every computer hardware servicing technician. We will update this entry once in a while when we get more technician tools and utilities in the future. We are also currently building an utility installer pack for xp and it will be open for download very soon. So enjoy downloading and using these computer hardware servicing technicians' favorite tools and utilities. By the way, computer hardware servicing NC II students should have these tools!

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