Installing An Antivirus - A Complete Guide

Installing an antivirus is essential specially if your platform or operating system is Microsoft Windows based. Having the right protection for your computer ensures that your system will work at its fullest without compromising your security. Keeping your files from being stolen or destroyed by viruses, trojans, and worms.

Almost all computers are vulnerable to virus infection from downloading pictures, music, documents, and other forms of downloadable media. Since you can't live having all downloading stuff restricted, we can still do so as long as your protected by a dependable antivirus.

Today, viruses are getting smarter as they can infect other computers across networks and can even replicate among themselves and wreck havoc on the infected computers. Some viruses are even capable of monitoring your internet activity and records your keystrokes then sends the recorded data to the attacker's server via ftp. Trojans are the most common methods of delivering the virus into the victim's computer.

So How Should We Protect Ourselves From These Attacks?

The best solution aside from limiting our internet activities such as emailing, downloading, or streaming and others; is to install a good antivirus that can protect your desktop in real-time and protect your computer when you are online.

There are so many antivirus products online and many other utilities that search for malwares and rootkits. So many choices that sometimes will just leave us a decision to just choose any of the antivirus online - preferably the free ones.

Here is a short list of the most notable antivirus for 2012

My personal favorite is Avira Antivirus as it allows users to enjoy the premium version for a trial period of three months plus it can also be used with full functionality for 180 days or six months using a special link.

So all in all, I am enjoying Avira's full version to about seven months including the 30-day trial period. So in this example, we are going to install Avira Antivirus. Here is the detailed procedure on how to install an antivirus and how to enjoy the full version for half a year legitimately for free.

1. Go to Avira's website to be able to get Avira Premium 2012 downloaded.

2. If you are using Win Xp SP2, you must upgrade your system to SP3 as this is Avira Premium 2012's requirement. You can get the service pack update here then install the service pack update. Computers with Win 7 or Windows Vista operating systems won't be needing to have Service Pack updates.

3. Upon completing to install the service pack update, run Avira Premium 2012's setup icon and fill in the appropriate user details.

4. On the process of antivirus installation, it prompts to ask you but the product or continue installing it using the 30 days trial license. Restart the computer. As the antivirus update is automatically completed, you can now enjoy your 30 day period of free Avira Premium 2012 antivirus.

5. As your 30 day period expires, you need to have another key to extend your free trial. You can do this and have a trial not only for 30 days but for six months!

How To Extend Avira Premium 2012 Free Trial For Half A Year

1. First thing to do is go to the website as posted below:

2. Fill up the necessary details asked in the form and confirm by pressing the "Request license now" red button.

3. After that, the page will let you see the License Overview. You can see two keys with a green arrow down just below the "Download" heading. Click that to directly download Avira Premium 2012 license keys.

4. In your desktop, open Avira Premium 2012 antivirus dashboard and go to the license setting. Change the current license key with the one having been downloaded earlier by browsing it.

5. After having the new license, you can now enjoy the full Avira Premium 2012 good for six months and for free!

This detailed instruction for antivirus installation is easy to follow. And the Avira trick as well is perfectly simple and nifty. Software installation is just one things you should be able to learn here. You can learn more about computer servicing by browsing and reading our tutorials and tips.

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