Problem : Virus Infected, ROM Drives not recognized

Computers with boot problem or operating system corruption due to virus infection can be resolved by running an antivirus or antimalware program to remove the virus infection then run a registry cleaner to roll back changes the virus has made. Boot problems can somehow also be attributed by a hardware failure like defective or failing hard drive, RAM, power supply unit or PSU, or the motherboard itself. To be able to fix such problem, one has to consider checking the most obvious and easier suspected troubles like programs than to that of the hardware. Safety and efficiency while troubleshooting a computer should be considered as well.

Date Repaired : October 21, 2009

Problem : Computer Virus Infected, CD ROM is recognized as DVD ROM in My Computer

Owner: Ms. Melchie Dorado, Dumaguete City

Motherboard : ECS Pentium IV 2.8 Ghz
Operating System : Windows XP SP2


- Motherboard Support CD is lost


- CD ROM wrongly recognized in My Computer
- Computer boots up so slow
- Task Manager has been disabled, likewise the folder view and Run
- Webcam won't work
- Computer restricts installation of an antivirus
- Cannot perform file backup, USB flashdrive is rejected to be recognized.


* Learn more about computer troubleshooting safety and safety do and no list before doing any fixes on your computer!

- Since we cannot install an antivirus and perform file backup because of the restrictions made, it is best to backup the drivers first then perform operating system re-installation but without formatting. We can do driver backup using double driver or driver backup pro.

- After successfully having backup of the drivers (which are of course virus infected but later be scanned), reinstall the operating system and choose not the format the partition.

- After successfully reinstalled the operating system without formatting, having file backup is now possible because the changes made by the virus has been removed through the re-installation of the operating system and renewing of the registry. After the file backup has been made, the final re-installation of the operating system with partition formatting now begins.

- Do operating system installation. While we waited for the os installation to finish, I had my file backup and the driver backup scanned with an updated antivirus from another working computer. * learn more about proper operating system installation guide

- As the operating system installation has been successful, the device drivers were installed and the backup was also restored back to the appropriate directory. Additional drivers were installed using a drivers pack for the webcam and the printer. * Learn more about device driver solution

- After installing the device drivers for the motherboard, we then tweaked the registry and performed disk cleanup. Basic programs were then installed like microsoft office 2003, adobe reader, vlc, flash, and many other programs.

- Additionally, utilities were also installed like teracopy, winrar, USB guard, regcure and smart defrag. Theses utilities will help the system run better and adds more style and functionality experience of the user.

- Smart defrag was launched to perform disk defragmentation and then later regcure to fix registry issues. These two programs were run to make files compressed and continuous and also make the registry run the system unit as a whole better. * Learn more about registry fixing

- An antivirus was installed and been updated as well.

- Computer was restarted and checked all the previously observed problems have already been resolved. The system is now ok.


- Computer boot problems are generally attributed by computer virus attacks. The best way to keep your computer safe is to at least install an antivirus and if possible a good firewall. Boot problems occur when a virus attacks primarily the registry and boot files thus making the operating corrupted and useless.

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