Motherboard and Peripheral Driver Solution

Finding appropriate system device drivers for your computer and peripherals is a tedious task. You have to install system device drivers every time you need to reformat your drive and reinstall Windows XP or your favorite operating system and other peripherals. Some of the most common driver missing or device drivers upon finishing to install Windows XP are pointing device drivers and it will just show you a warning like unknown device drivers.

Looking for device drivers for Windows might be might be so hard for most newbies. Some just plainly go to Google and search something like unknown device drivers download or device drivers windows or even download device drivers. You just can't download device drivers or commonly windows device drivers if you do not know the motherboard manufacturer and the series name. This is important so that you can have the appropriate system device driver for your computer's peripheral or devices.

Now if are able to find your motherboard manufacturer's name and the motherboard series name, you are now ready to download unknown device drivers. But what if you don't know how to identify if you have unknown device drivers in your computer? It is easy to find whether you have the right device driver or appropriate device drivers by doing the following steps below.

1. Go to "Start"

2. Click right on "My Computer"

3. Go to "Properties"\"Hardware"\"Device Manager" and when the Device Manager Dialog box appears and you see yellow exclamation marks, it indicates that you have missing drivers for your computer's peripherals or devices.

It should be handy if you have your installation or motherboard support or driver cd - but what if you can't find or lost it? You can update your device drivers or manually download peripheral device drivers or even use driver packs. It's easy, go to your motherboard manufacturer's site and go for support and download the appropriate drivers or look for the best driver packs for you.

Device Driver Support Sites of the Major Motherboard Manufacturers

Asus Support
Emaxx Support
HP Support
Intel Support
Aopen Support
ECS Support
ACER Support
Dell Support
Compaq Support
IBM Support

Download And Use Driver Pack to Solve Unknown Device Drivers

Another option is to secure a copy through purchase or torrent download of driver packs. This is really a handy tool, it contains a driver database for many peripherals like for video, sound, lan, printer and so much more. But the downside is, most drivers are obsolete and you need to update it. Drivers packs need to be updated once in a while - also prone to downloading computer virus.

Trust Driver Fixing Softwares To Solve Driver Problems

Also you might want to consider downloading from virus free and known driver database sites - some downloads are free and yet others ask for a little fee. Downloading Windows unknown device drivers from these sites might be discomforting and finding the right device driver for your computer or its peripheral is hard and difficult. To cope up with the difficulty in downloading, there are softwares or programs that will automatically search for the most appropriate and updated device driver for your computer. There is no need to manually search for the unknown device drivers, the program will do it for you - with ease. The software costs a little but automation will save you time and money in the long run. I would suggest you try driver fixing softwares from a trusted company like ParetoLogic which is also Microsoft's partner.

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