NTLDR Missing | Virus Infected | Backup Needed

Owner: Ms. Jaqueline
Address: El Amigo, Silliman University Area, Dumaguete City

Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.8 GHz
Memory: 512 MB DDR2
Motherboard: D945GLF (Intel Motherboard)
Operating System: Win XP SP2
Hard Disk Drive Size:
160 GB

Technician: Rogin Diez


- "NTLDR Missing" text appears upon bootup
- Virus Infected


- File and multimedia backup


- Motherboard support CD lost
- Peripheral drivers lost


- Power OK
- Unable to boot up, "NTLDR missing" code appears


- Re-installation of Win XP without formatting the drives

- After successful istallation of the OS, backup requested files (Documents, Pictures, MP3's, etc..)

- Run DXDIAG by going to "Run" of the Start Menu (WIN+R) then type dxdiag,look for the motherboard description, the motherboard manufacturer for driver download reference.

- After determining the motherboard and file backup, install back the OS and I partitioned the drive twice with 50% each of the total drive space.

- After successfully installed the operating system, I then installed additional application like MS Office 03 and 07, an antivirus, USB Security, USB Safely Remove, Teracopy, Regcure, VLC, Firefox, etc..)

- Download the missing drivers from the web.

- The downloaded motherboard drivers are then installed.

- System restart was necessary then.

- After the restart, defrag the drives then assign larger virtual memory for both drives C: and D:

- Restart, then run Regcure.


- The system was then functioning well. Computer Troubleshooting do require patience in the procedure. And careful understanding of the functions of the peripherals is a must. 0_o

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