Download Files Using Torrents

What is a Torrent?

Downloading music, video, data and software has never been easy using torrents. Torrent has been in awhile and is a popular choice of downloading files than direct download. In direct download, a file is retrieved or downloaded continuously. It should be the perfect choice for download but what makes some turn down from it is because if there is an internet connection interruption or connection problem, you have to repeat the process of downloading. It wastes time through repeating unsuccessful downloads.

However in using t0rrents, downloading can be stopped or paused then resumed. This solves the problem with interrupted connection to the server with direct download. T0rrent downloads packet after packet and later assemble the broken files into its usable form. The availability of the torrent files greatly relies on the number of leechers and seeders. Leechers are computers that are part of the torrent network that retrieves the files packet after packet. The seeders however are the computers that has the full or had amassed a larger packet and shares the collected packets to the computer of the torrent network called leechers. That means if the leechers outnumber the seeders, the downloading of the packets will become terribly slow. It is best to download a file with a large number of seeders than leechers. One thing to note, t0rrent users are encouraged to seed any file available in their computers.

Do You Have a T0rrent Client?

A torrent client is a program you install on your computer to let you download your t0rrent file. There are a lot of torrent clients out there but I prefer to use utorrent because it is light and also has the portable version. Here I will be giving you a small list of some of the t0rrent clients in popularity order.


Best Torrent Search Engines?

T0rrent search engines are websites that has a pool of t0rrent files readily available from the local servers and from the computers included in the torrent network. Torrent search engines are not the same. Some share files privately and you need to have an invitation in order to be part of their community, this reduces the risk of having broken, virus infected and useless torrent sites. Also, torrent community members of that private torrent search engine are encouraged to seed.

Some torrent search engines doesn't require membership to be able to have access to their torrent database. So here is the small list of my favorite torrent search engines.


How to Download from Torrent Search Engines

1. Get a t0rrent client. A list was given above and just choose any of those. Once you have downloaded a torrent client, install it and follow the instructions given.

2. Having your t0rrent client already installed, go to your favorite t0rrent search engine and find the file you want.

3. Download the torrent file (it has a .t0rrent file extension)and open it. The torrent client should automatically open and download your file.

4. Wait until the download completes. Completion depends on the number of seeds and leechers. Be sure to choose the torrent files with more seeders than leechers.

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