Passing Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Examination

Do I need to pass TESDA's Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Certification Exam?

Passing TESDA’s Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Assessment Examination is really not necessary. But if you are aspiring to work abroad, consider your computer hardware servicing certification as your main portfolio. Countries abroad are strict regarding the quality of workers they hire and the only way for them to be able to screen the employees effectively is to ask for a certification. Most foreign employers really prefer potential employees to be at least NC II passers.

And if you are planning to have your own computer servicing shop and be your own boss, you are still required to have TESDA’s Computer Hardware Servicing NC II certification before you can be issued with a business permit. So take TESDA’s Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Assessment examination as soon as possible and start building your future with fixing computers.

Is it true that TESDA’s examination is obsolete and mechanical?

Many passers years and months ago said the examination were just similar. This has risen some issues regarding the quality of the recent passers of the computer hardware servicing assessment examinations. But in my experience, I should say they are right but not accurately correct. It maybe because they have the same test package as what we had. But it doesn’t mean that the examinations are really identical, it also differs a lot because each batch of examiness and from the different assessment centers have different Assessors. But anyway, TESDA has announced to update their test package on the first quarter of 2011.

Here are the different areas of the test package that were given to us April 2009 by which is yet the same until December 2010.

Occupational Health and Safety Precautions
- Observe this throughout the examination

System Unit Assembly and Disassembly

NT Commands (not true DOS)
- For Win 98 Installation

WIN XP Installation
- Installation of XP in other partition aside from C:

Dual OS Installation (had Win 98 and XP SP 2)

Partition Sizes and Software Installation

Theoretical Questions both written and oral
- You will be asked about identification and functions of the system unit peripherals and components, troubleshooting techniques and approaches.

Mock Troubleshooting
- You will be given an intentionally defective system then you try to diagnose it

- You creating a LAN then share a printer.

- As the name imply, you will be writing down all the things you did during the assessment.

- Make a summary of the entire assessment.

What does it take to be a Certified Computer Hardware Servicing Technician?

During the examination, safety must be observed. There were also written examinations on computer theory and safety. It is also best if you will be bringing your own safety gears and equipment, tools, installers, and a notebook for documentation. Some troubleshooting in the past may also provide you better chances in passing the assessment.

My expression or thoughts here is not that of TESDA’s and the tips given above is to provide help for students, businessmen, or already established computer hardware servicing technicians wanting to have a TESDA Centification in Computer Hardware Servicing NC II.

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