Free Internet Using VPN for Globe Tattoo

Using VPN is essential for companies to save money in using leased lines to connect to networked remote computers and share files over the internet.It also provides user safety that they will less likely be tracked by hackers and sniffers. May it be cable or wireless connection, VPN's come handy to use. In this tutorial we will be having to connect to a VPN server using your Globe Tattoo and a working ip proxy. Please be reminded that this lesson is for Educational Purposes ONLY.

Things We Need To Prepare

VPN installer
Working Proxy
Wifi Kit - Globe Tattoo
VPN Account

Procedure to Use VPN and Globe Tattoo

1. First thing that you should do is have a VPN account. We will be using AirVPN for creating an account. You can also try hostizzle.

After activating and registering your airvpn account, we will generate files needed to run our VPN client by going to "Members" tab then navigate to "Access without client". It will bring you to a new page and just the option using "proxy" then scroll down the page and click "generate". A download should then proceed after.

AirVPN Config Files for Globe Tattoo

2. After generating and saving the files from AirVPN, download Portable OpenVPN.

3. Unzip Portable OpenVPN then locate and copy the earlier downloaded and generated files from your airvpn account to the data\config folder of OpenVPN.

4. Plug in your Wifi Kit ~ Globe Tattoo and install it. After its installation, do not connect it yet.

5. Make sure you have the profiles settings of your Globe Tattoo dashboard below to properly run openvpn. To be able to do the setting in your Globe Tattoo dashboard, go to "Options", "Profiles", and add a new profile as with the settings below.

Globe Tattoo Free Unlimited DashBoard

Profile Name : YourName
Dial Number : *99***1#
APN : (Static)


Profile Name : Your name
Dial Number : *99#
APN : (Static)

Just play with the right Profile Setting. In my case, I had the second profile run on my kit.

6. Save the new profile and set it as default.

7. Install OpenVPN.

8. As OpenVPN is installed, an OpenVPN tray icon appears on the notification area. Click right on it and go to "Proxy Settings". Select "Manual Proxy" and provide a working proxy. We will be sharing the same proxy as and will terribly slow down our connection. It is good if you can provide another good or even better proxy. It is also good if you can share working proxies in this post by contacting us so we can share it to the rest.

Some claim to have these proxies running but did not provide the ports. Use port 80 or 8080 combination. Buy or rent a proxy if possible. The proxy I have given earlier works like a breeze.


9. After having completed the above requirements, we can now start our vpn session. Click right on the OpenVpn icon and go to "Air", then connect. A dialog box will appear with the lines saying unable to connect.

10. Of course, we cannot yet establish a connection because your Globe Tattoo hasn't yet been connected. With OpenVPN running and trying to connect, go to your Globe Tattoo dashboard and click "Connect".

11. Wait for some time to let OpenVPn connect. If the connection fails, simply click right OpenVPN tray icon, go to "Air", and choose "Connect".

12. Wait until the OpenVPN icon turns its color from yellow to green. When the icon changes color to red, it is indicated that you are disconnected or cannot establish a connection and when it is yellow it is still connecting. Upon connection, enjoy browsing. :-)

This is a VPN lesson and the example is used for the purpose of knowing the power of VPN. If you are planning to use this method to gain free internet access using your globe tattoo, I STRONGLY disagree and discourage you. It is best if you subscribe for an internet plan from Globe Wireless Center.

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