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You might be wondering how other people place their files or backups in the internet? The answer is cloud storage. Cloud storage is having your files uploaded online and is segmented then distributed to different servers or computers. Using this method can significantly increase file security. You don't have to worry how they did it or might your file still be intact when you will try to access it.

Your files are a lot safer when it is in cloud storage servers rather than in your USB flashdrive. You may be able to access and share your files anywhere in the world like accessing your email. What you need to do to be able to use the service is to sign up for a free account and then you're now ready to upload and share your files online. We will be listing some of the cloud storage services that offers small (at most 50 GB) online drive space for free.

Pros - Free, Portable, easy to download and share files

Cons - May take a longer time in uploading files.

So here is a list of Cloud Storage Sites

dropbox free online cloud storage

One of my favorite cloud storage options. Its features includes able sync files so that if you are to open a document from one computer with dropbox installed, you can also view those files to your other computers with dropbox installed and files shared. You can also access your files from different operating system like mac, linux, windows or even your ipad! By the way you'll get 2 GB of free storage and will increase if you refer dropbox to your friends.

sugarsync free online could storage

SugarSync offers realtime backup of your files and able to share these files anywhere and even to using mobile devices. It enables us to steam your cloud saved audio files and even create galleries for your uploaded images. SugarSync gives 5 GB free cloud storage for personal accounts.

An online virtual storage offering a wide array of features having been the choice for many. They may be offering a 10 GB of free space for individual plan and can actually increase the storage space with an account upgrade. Very easy to use and the console is very easy to understand.

amazon drive free online cloud storage

AmazonClouD Drive

A cloud storage by Amazon. Amazon offers a free 5 GB online storage with an upgrade for your need of a larger space for a dollar per per. The best thing with this type of cloud storage is that it enables us to stream audio directly from your virtual storage account. This is perfect for storing mp3's and not so very good for document or file storage.

skydrive free online cloud storage

Windows SkyDrive

Made by microsoft and it boasts a lot of features and offering 25 GB of free storage for every account. That is way a good deal if you want to upgrade your plan with SkyDrive. This feature rich cloud storage has been in the market since 2007. When you say you want a good cloud storage, I'd say go for SkyDrive.

memopal free online cloud storage


MemoPal has been developed mainly as a Microsoft client backup (though they also have Linux, Mac, Iphone, etc). It's strong feature is file sync and auto backup to a remote server via a well secured internet connection. Perfect for offices and personal use who needs constant backup of files.

adrive free online cloud storage


Other cloud storage companies cannot beat up ADrive's free 50 GB of cloud storage. That could hardly be matched and security wise, it's one of the best and preferred. What Adrive might have to improve is to open its doors to free users of some great features. The prices might be reasonable but I think more features should be accessible and the security for the free account is light.

idrive free online cloud storage


IDrive offers 2 GB free cloud storage for the personal account. Backup features is great and allows you to have backup schedules. The use of a proxy is a priced feature which enables you to heighten the security of your files to be backed up. The interface of IDrive is excellent. Really very to use and what amazes me is that it offers different file version backup that in case you'll accidentally delete a file, you can still access it!

document free online cloud storage

Google Docs

Google docs has been around last 2006 and been a document storage of choice by many. I personally use Google Docs to store my office and personal documents. Why google docs is favored by many it that it enables to to convert documents to be converted to Google Docs format or PDF or even just retain its format. You can even edit the files online if you want to and share it online to your friends or whoever you want to share it with.

zumodrive free online cloud storage

Zumo Drive

Zumo Drive allows 2 GB of free cloud storage for personal accounts. It boasts to trick your computer that when it save files on the local drive, it actually is using Zumo's online storage. Though designed for Mac, Zumo Drive also allows Windows users to enjoy its services. Zumo Drive is perfect for storing images for it has its own gallery which you can share online and for music files. free online cloud storage

You'll get 10 GB free online storage by Like other cloud storage, its features includes file sync, auto backup of files, share, and even can be accessed anytime and anywhere using your computer or phone. It is compatible with Windows, Mac or Andriod

syncplicity free online cloud storage

With Syncplicity you don't have to worry a thing because once you got it installed in your computer, it monitors for file changes and automatically uploads those files to Syncplicity's servers. Syncplicity offers like any other cloud storage a 2 GB free of online webspace for a personal account.

mozy free online cloud storage


Though Mozy's service is not intended for sharing special with mobile devices, what makes Mozy out edge other providers is that it uses 128-bit SSL Encryption to ensure no data interception. Mozy provides standard support options and its interface is simple thus making it easy to use.

So here is a short list of cloud storage you can use for your free online storage of files and other media.

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