Computer Hardware Logo Designs For Shirts

Looking for windows pc logo, computer hardware image, computer servicing logo, computer hardware tshirt logo,computer logo design, computer logo image or whatever you are looking for; you might be finding it here.

The computer logos or designs provided here are already being used and designed for abd by some computer schools in our city. But you may use them to make a basis for creating your own new design. All images had been drawn using CorelDraw 12 and you may request for the .cdr files as with permission of the logo creators. This is just a short list of images are some are still awaiting permission for publishing.

If you want to include your designs here, kindly email us.

Computer Hardware Servicing Logo1

This logo could be nicer if two hexagons with computer hardware emblem were added to create a uniform and a round shape looking figure. The text looks cool and the total look of the logo needs to be jazzed up a little bit more.

Computer Hardware Servicing Logo2

Simple and modern looking computer operation logo but can also be redesigned and give it a more hardware servicing look. Very attractive at a distance and the logo really speaks something of a "computer usage".

Computer Hardware Servicing Logo3

A bit away with a typical windows logo and immersed in the trade brown Ubuntu feel. Many says that this logo obviously favors Ubuntu as the Windows logo is monochromatic. We wan't argue with the designer, you have to edit it to make a balance.

Tesda Logo for Shirts in Transparent Background

I have just created this TESDA logo in CorelDraw 12 today because there were people requesting to have it posted here. They said that this is necessary for logo shirt printing with TESDA regulated programs. A transparent background was also requested and here it is. Those who would like to have the CorelDraw file, please drop me an email. This TESDA logo is open for everybody to use.

Dark Background Computer Hardware Servicing NC II shirt logo

This shirt logo looks so modern and slick. The dark background gives a good illusion of a reflective effect and the mouse over seems to draw attention. This is perfect for dark shirts depicting the phrase : "A picture says a thousand words". The logo shows two operating system logos and a computer in abstract. This may also be a shirt logo fit for a programming or an IT course.

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