Free Internet Using Globe Tattoo And Proxies

Free internet using globe tattoo has been a constant news among globe tattoo users. There are so many ways to acquire free internet using globe wifi kit. The most common and what they say the most stable is using a good and secured VPN connection and a globe tattoo kit for free internet. What we will be using to acquire free internet are mozilla firefox, globe tattoo wifi kit, and some working proxies.

Setting up for this free internet using globe tattoo is very simple and easy. This tutorial will emphasize that a network can always have a loophole and smart people can always find a way to exploit it. Please note that this is for educational purposes only and if you want to have a good and fast connection, please inquire at your nearest Globe Wireless Center.

What We Need To Setup A Free Internet Using Globe Tattoo

1. Mozilla Firefox installed
2. Globe Wifi Kit
3. A list of working ip proxies
4. 2% of brain activity needed to follow the instructions below

Procedure On How To Have Free Internet Using Globe Tattoo

(Install with admin rights if your OS is Win Vista or Win 7)

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and navigate to "Tools"/"Options"/"Advanced"/"Network"/"Settings"

2. Under "Manual Proxy Configuration" type in a proxy. Just choose any of the ones listed below and use port 80.

free globe tattoo internet

3. Check the "Use this proxy server for all protocols" click "Ok" then close Firefox browser window.

4. Connect your Globe Tattoo wifi kit and click "Connect" on its dashboard.

5. Open Firefox and enjoy browsing!

What If You Can't Connect? Here are some remedies

1. Change your proxy.

2. Try to close Firefox open it up again.

4. Or try disconnecting Globe Tattoo's dashboard and reconnect it.

If you are able to connect but has no stability, use any connection stabilizer. And if it doesn't connect... Use vpn to have free internet using globe tattoo.


1. Youtube rocks!

2. Can do basic browsing or plain "Googling" just fine


1. Terribly slow.

2. Cannot or hardly can login to any website (gmail, yahoomail, facebook, blogger, etc).

3. Connection often disconnects.

This is a very simple procedure on how to have free internet using globe tattoo and some working proxies. Again, if you want fast and good internet connection using Globe Tattoo, go for a plan and visit your nearest Globe Wireless Center.

ATTENTION : Just this morning (05.05.11), I found out that having free internet using Globe Tattoo and Proxies doesn't work anymore. We will scour something for a freebie. :-) Please extend your patience.

UPDATE! : Since many are already publishing and revealing the new proxies to be used for Globe Tattoo Free Internet, I think it is time to publish it here as well. Long wait guys? Here is it! Just be creative in any way ok? But be warned that this free internet using globe tattoo and proxies WILL NOT LAST FOREVER as Globe, Smart, or Sun telecommunications networks will always find ways to patch their security loopholes. This exploit shows a weakness in their security and we know that they will be looking for a solution. Again, these Proxy IP's are just temporary. :-)

10.200.xx.xx Play around and replace xx's

As you can see, (20,5,3,8,14,9,19,9,26,5) is (t,e,c,h,n,i,s,i,z,e) our website name. You can play with the IP's but be sure that they are working. The said proxies provided for free internet using globe tattoo were verified and all working.

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